We’re a Full Service Marketing and Branding Agency in Wichita, KS.

But that’s just scratching the surface. We’re Proven.

We See the World so the World Will See You.
What we do

What it Really  Means to be Full Service.

We’re a full service agency – and we mean that. Our clients are ambitious people; it’s our passion to make their goals happen. No matter how tall the order, we’ll fill it using our partners in print, web, media planning experts, you name it. We keep the end goal top of mind, and go to great lengths to turn innovative ideas into reality.


We’re Better Together

What began as a simple partnership between two people has morphed into a collaborative effort among creatives who are, in a phrase, better together. Twelve years ago, Heather & Ken fused their areas of expertise in their respective industries, and uncovered a brand new niche. Their work was the result of a shared passion for design. Their partnership reflected the respect they had for relationships built along the way: trusted, driven, innovative. It has withstood the test of time.

Today, they’ve grown in every way possible. With the addition of Angie to the core team, Hanson & Wright experiences more of everything. More diverse clientele, more expertise, more laughs, and more motivation. And as a full service agency, that’s exactly what they need to surpass the expectations of their clients.


We Make Your Work Our Work

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse some of our favorite projects below.


We’re A Full Service Agency.

Devoted to implementing the marketing strategy our clients need most, there isn’t anything we won’t do. (Except maybe mow your lawn… and if you ask nicely, Ken might even do that!) Our capabilities include the expansive areas of strategic marketing, branding, digital media, and communication.


Our Core Team

We’re a close-knit team, and we love it this way. We truly value the relationships we build with our clients; their passion becomes ours! Around here, we’re all on a first name basis, and when our clients have questions they speak directly with the person working on the project. Nothing gets lost in translation without the middleman interpreter. We give each project the intense attention it deserves while remaining loyal to deadlines, and adaptable to quick turnarounds.

Heather Hanson

Heather Hanson

Managing Partner View Details
Ken Wright

Ken Wright

Managing Partner View Details
Heather Hanson

Heather Hanson

Managing Partner

As the managing partner with a business background, Heather wears many hats at Hanson & Wright – but it begins first with the people.

From Brazil, LA, all the way to Atlanta and the East Coast, there is no place on earth Heather won’t travel to build relationships with clients… and client’s clients! Heather personally invests herself in knowing every member of the team; carefully learning their operations, strategies and methods of doing business. For Heather, this relationship is the critical foundation upon which success is built. She believes you can’t truly know a business until you understand and appreciate the people who make it run.

Inside the office, she’s been known to write technical content and other bits of rogue copy, work in account services and billing, and even bust out a random line or two of the rap lyrics pumping through her headphones. Heather lives and breathes fashion, so if you’re curious what today’s trends are, just peek into her office.

Although she appears completely polished on the outside, Heather brings a lighthearted and unique sense of humor to the group. These characteristics are part of what makes her a fantastic communicator and presenter. Her creative eye and good taste make her a crucial part of the team.

Originally from Tulsa, Heather moved to Wichita as a teenager. After graduating from Wichita State University with a business degree, she met and married her husband, whom she met at Hawker Beechcraft. She and her husband adopted a baby boy named Kingston, now five and a half years old. When she’s not working, you’ll find her chasing Kingston, enjoying a beach somewhere, exercising, spending her hard earned money, or watching Orange is the New Black or Sons of Anarchy.

Ken Wright

Ken Wright

Managing Partner

Originally from Wichita, Ken spent a short time elsewhere including stints in Tulsa and Hutchinson. He moved back in 1982, finished up school at Wichita State University, and hasn’t left since. Home is home, and that’s that. Upon graduation, Ken immersed himself in the very competitive market of graphic design. After working freelance, and for a few local agencies (sometimes juggling both simultaneously!) Ken decided to hone his skills and build a legacy of his own, which he accomplished with his business partner, Heather Hanson. He has met and served various roles throughout his career, including production artist, graphic designer, art director and finally managing partner.

You’ll find the melodies of country music, top 40 hits, and oldies streaming through his headphones. But if you catch him muttering to himself, it’s probably because sports talk radio has riled him up again. Calming him down is easy – just be sure not to turn on rap music.

Outside the office walls, Ken enjoys being active. You might spot Ken at the gym, but it’s also likely you’ll find him maintaining many acres of land in Eastern Kansas, which is where he and his family spend recreational time together. His wife, daughter, and two sons, are the lights of his life; they not only keep him going in a hundred different directions, but keep his passion for life ignited.


Our Extended Family

Our clients are hard working people who know where their expertise lies. They rely on us for our expertise, and such is the nature of our client relationships: trusting. They know we’ll go to great lengths to help them achieve their goals; this kind of partnership is mutually beneficial, for their success is our success.

  • Pizza Hut Express
  • GlobalParts Group
  • Beechcraft
  • Botanica Gardens
  • Kansas Health Foundation
  • Yingling Aviation
  • Yum Brands
  • Taco Bell
  • KFC
  • Textron Aviation
  • Priorus
  • Piedmont Aircraft Company, LLC
  • Landmark Aviation
  • ICG
  • Hiller Incorporated
  • Dean & Deluca
  • Triumph Aerospace Systems
  • Hawker
  • Elliot Aviation
  • BizJet



Big or small. Long or short. Urgent or not. We’d love to talk to you about your next project. Your passion is our passion, and that kind of passion only makes a project stronger.